New testimonials on UC&C!

Curious about our most recent projects on UC&C (Unified Communications & Collaboration)? Check out our new testimonials and see what our customers have to say about it!

“It is highly important to work with a partner who knows the telecom market and can advise you on how to build your strategic plan. Involve your users from day one so that user adoption stays high on the list. Evaluate your WAN to meet the needs of UCC. Consider it as a business project and not as just another technology project!”

Ingrid Haleydt – LBC Tank Terminals – Group IT Manager
“A good accessibility remains, even in 2016, an important basic requirement for a positive Customer Experience. The biggest challenge for our organisation with the UC & C implementation was to give the right level of empowerment to the different branches without losing sight of our primary goal: to create a consistent customer experience. A good trade-off needed to be made between standardisation and guaranteeing branches the empowerment they are entitled to since they are the closest to their customers.”
Pascale Hertogen – Business Transformation Director – Partena Professional