May 2017


At last! As from mid-June 2017 (15/06/2017) onwards you will be able to travel with your mobile device in the EU countries against the “Roam Like at Home” tariffs, subject to the fair usage policy stipulated by your current provider.

It’s a misconception that all roaming traffic will become free of charge; on the contrary: recent customer cases in the corporate market show that the changing EU ruling is not always beneficial from a financial point of view. We must conclude that the new rules and corresponding tariffs do not automatically lead to significant cost optimizations.



To avoid some misunderstanding, we believe it’s useful to make a summary what will be included and excluded when it comes to the “Roam Like at Home” principle:




Calling from an EU country (outside your home country)
towards a destination within the EU zone


Sending a text message from an EU country (outside your
home country) towards a destination within the EU zone


Receiving a call within the EU zone


Mobile data consumption within the EU zone


Out of scope “Roam Like at Home”


International calls from your home country towards foreign numbers (also within the EU)


Sending a text message from your home country towards
foreign numbers (also within the EU)


Calling, texting and data usage in the rest of the world


Calling and texting from the EU zone to the rest of the world


  • Let your provider ‘inform’ you on how the new regulation will impact your mobile estate. By now, all mobile vendors have completed their homework and should be able to communicate towards their customers how this will affect your current tariffs as from June 15 onwards.
  • ‘Calculate’ the impact on your mobile invoice before accepting the proposed changes. Many aspects can either have a positive or even negative affect on your mobile expenses; hereby some examples taken from actual customer cases:
    • Do the monthly recurring fees of the roaming day passes or bundles change when traveling outside of Europe?
    • What will alter in terms of out of bundle tariffing for mobile data consumption (national/EU28 + all data traffic that remains outside of Europe)?
    • The current national tariff per MB will be applicable if no data bundle is active or when the current inclusive volume is exceeded when consuming data within the EU. This can lead to unpleasant surprises if the national rate is higher than the EU tariffing.
    • What happens with internal/fleet traffic within Europe?
    • Do all the EU bundles automatically disappear from the invoices after June 15?
  • What is the definition of the fair use policy and when will it be applied by your supplier?
  • Finally, we recommend to enclose the updated tariff plan as a separate amendment to the exiting contract.



Anyway, a lot of reasons to consult an independent party like Tam Tam Consulting to carry out a detailed calculation and validate the changes proposed by your provider.