Press and Events

November 2017: CIO Forum

Towards a software defined world ? How do SD WAN, SD DC, SD Lan fit/contribute and what is the importance of the End User Experience and Application Performance Management?

Software defined networking, end user experience, moving to the cloud… These are all hot topics you find on your plate every day! But, what’s the value of SD WAN, SD DataCenter, Application Performance Management and other related buzz words for your company and for your users? Where are the pitfalls? What does this mean for your IT department? How can you explain this to your CEO and business leaders? What does it mean to get contracts with KPI’s instead of SLA’s? Do you have to change the company processes?


October 2015: UC&C – Truth or Dare

On October 15, 2015 we organised our second event regarding Unified Communications & Collaboration. Since last year’s seminar, there has been a lot of evolution in the world of UC&C, but one question remains; UC&C: Truth or Dare? Read more


November 2014: UC&C – Truth or Dare

On November 18, 2014 we organised our first event regarding Unified Communications & Collaboration: “UC&C – Truth or Dare”.
The unique setup of this seminar revolved around the presentation of the respective UC&C approach and solution of 3 of the larger UC&C solution providers, currently active in this market – Cisco, Microsoft/Easynet and Unify – in parallel repetitive breakout sessions, allowing participants to listen to and compare their stories.
Read more


March 2014: Antwerpen Manager

“Huidige ICT-omgeving vormt ideale omgeving voor vrouwelijke managers” – Read the interview with Sonja Bevers in Antwerpen Manager. Online version (Dutch)


October 2013: BTG – Magazine

“A fool with a tool, stays a fool” – Read the interview of Sonja Bevers in the Dutch BTG-Magazine. Online version (Dutch)


September 2013: KMO Gids – De Tijd

Read our article in the annex “KMO Gids” of “De Tijd”. Online version (Dutch).


June 2013: Utrechtse Ondernemersdag

Last year we named our participation in international fairs to “European Tour”. After Vienna and Barcelona, we continue with our European Tour. This time we did not travel that far, we stayed close, our next stop was the Netherlands, the “Utrechtse ondernemersdag”. During the “Utrechtse Ondernemersdag” the visitors had the opportunity to meet, to get to know and to do business with several entrepreneurs, executives and managers from the Utrecht region.


April 2013: Telecom Management Congress

Rotterdam. Mobile Device Management, Expense Management & Control


February 2012: Mobile World Congress

Now, our European tour has 2 stops already. The first stop was the successful participation in the Procurement Leaders Forum in Vienna.
Our second stop was also a big succes. Our presence on the Belgian group stand at the Mobile World Congress has not gone unnoticed. Valuable contacts have been made and we have shown how we work in an ever changing mobile world.


January 2012: Interview Datanews – Katoen Natie

One of our loyal customers, Katoen Natie, talks about our work in the latest issue of Datanews. Online version (Dutch)


October 2011: Procurement leaders Forum in Vienna

At the ‘Procurement Leaders Forum’ (learning and networking conference for CPOs and senior procurement professionals) in Vienna on October 28th 2011, the new brochures were very much appreciated. Our first participation to a fair/procurement event was a success; it resulted in some valuable projects for 2012.


September 2011: Tam Tam Consulting in Trends Magazine

Read our advertisement in the annex “Cost Management” of Trends Magazine. ( Online version (Dutch)


February 2011: Press Release opening new offices

“In order to significantly reduce their telecoms costs, an increasing number of companies active internationally have turned to Telecom Expense Management (TEM), concludes Tam Tam Consulting based on its own large experience with a growing number of internationally-focused customers.” Online version


February 2011: VIP event

The inauguration festivity to celebrate our new headquarter. Listen to the speech of Sonja Bevers and smell the atmosphere in the other video.