Telecom Expense Management

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Controlling and managing telecom costs while moving forward with your business objectives is a real balancing act. Tip that balance in your direction with high quality information you can use to make decisions. Tam Tam Consulting’s Telecom Expense Management and Reporting services help you keep your finger firmly on the pulse of your resources and costs.


Whether you need a one-time ‘facts and figures’ snapshot, or ongoing overviews and analyses. Tam Tam Consulting can work with you to create your personal Telecom Expense Management solution. From consolidated cost reporting, through control and management, to analyses and reports (push and pull), your solution will match your unique business environment and organisational requirements.

Tam Tam Consulting works with Call Detail Records from over 200 different operators/countries. Those are translated into a single standard to make everything transparent and interpretable for you.


Ad hoc Telecom Audit

This telecom audit is used to optimise your current telecom environment and cost. Various quick wins are proposed, prepared and calculated with a limited impact on users and/or infrastructure.

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Telecom Expense Management report

Take your information further, with regularly scheduled analyses of telecom costs that match your own business cycle or needs. According to your preference, these reports can be send quarterly, bi-annually or annually.

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Standard Monthly Reporting

Continuously keep your finger on the pulse with details of all telecom costs, top users, and costs lists.

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User Awareness & Accounting Reporting

Make telecom cost control a company-wide concern, with reports for the end-users. These reports include the department’s telecom spend and calling behaviour to increase cost awareness and allow continuous budget control.

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