What we do – our domains of operation

Our domains of operation

Nowadays all companies are somehow engaged in a Business Transformation, driven mainly by digitalization. ICT is a key enabler throughout this journey.

ICT departments will have the biggest impact, during that digital transformation by focusing on the right portfolio of applications. For this, infrastructure technology is crucial, infrastructure technology is the foundation supporting the performance of business processes and applications. An adequate infrastructure technology makes a digitalization roadmap possible. However, CIOs increasingly need more demanding and critical business applications, which increases the risk of having an inadequate infrastructure technology impacting the application performance.

Tam Tam Consulting is focusing specifically on securing companies’ infrastructure technology and we see that infrastructure is undergoing its own challenges:

  • An increasing number of vendors
  • Move to the cloud increases the importance of performant access to applications everywhere
  • An increasing number of services which are more and more software defined (SD WAN, SD LAN, SD DC…)
  • An eco-system of different solutions which requires optimal end to end integration. For instance, to guarantee the availability and performance of applications and integrate the necessary security design elements
  • The speed at which new services emerge

And on top of that, the end user is more demanding than ever.

Managing the increasing number of vendors and services requires companies to focus on:

  • End user satisfaction / end user experience and underlying XLAs (Experience Level Agreements)
  • Budget management that leaves them in control of expenditure and frees up non-working euros to reinvest in application transformation
  • Strategy to anticipate and plan a roadmap of integrated vendor solutions with emphasis on reducing risk

Tam Tam Consulting is an experienced and reliable partner throughout this journey!



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