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The Local Area Network (LAN) has been seen for many years as ‘commodity’, with the only purpose to connect the company PC’s. This vision has strongly changed by introducing into the enterprise, amongst others, mobility, BYOD, HD videoconferencing, video surveillance and converged storage.  Besides the wired access, wireless access via Wi-Fi to the corporate network is something that is considered as normal to the majority of the employees.  They bring their devices into meetings and want to connect to their working files and e-mails.  Also, external people visiting the companies find it very natural to get access to the internet to be able to connect to their presentation, which is stored on e.g. their OneDrive or Google Drive.

Together with the developments in the WAN area, we also see in the LAN more and more trends towards automation and software defined environments. To have a safe journey towards this new model, you can rely on the experience of Tam Tam Consulting to make your actual situation transparent, identify risks and potential gaps and define together your network of the future.

LAN - Wi-Fi

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