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We cover the business needs, security and design of the following domain.

When we talk about mobility, we think about “people connected anywhere, anytime”. This forces companies to

  • rethink their strategy; providing the necessary tools, devices and connectivity for example by means of a device agnostic approach
  • setting out clear boundaries; access to company data, eligibility, defining a set of rules which crystallizes into a mobile policy

And not to forget, implementing the BYOD/CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) model right for your environment, and/or outsourcing the entire mobile handling requires detailed considerations with a multitude of stakeholders (HR, IT, Procurement, Legal, end users, …)

To conclude, mobility is a broad range of services and activities linked to communication anywhere, anytime, enabling your end users to work in the most efficient way in many different situations.

For companies not the easiest exercise, but our experience is that a first workshop can bring insights that help you defining a clear and realistic plan to tackle any kind of challenge in this domain.


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