Technology Expense & Contract Management

Our areas of expertise

We cover the business needs, security and design of the following domain.

Managing ongoing technology expenses (voice, mobile, WAN) present a number of challenges to any organization.

TEM 4.0 is a complete solution that enhances visibility, focuses on technology spend and helps our customers to be in control once contracts are signed with your preferred suppliers.

Tam Tam Consulting drives business value by offering a wide array of TEM services:

  • TEM consultancy
  • TEM reporting
  • Access to a user friendly and intuitive portal called Trace 4.0 enabling action-based decision making
  • Email Awareness towards end-users and managers
  • Benchmarking
  • Helpdesk activities

Bespoke TEM packages can be offered in line with your requirements and expectations. For instance, a TEM Light dashboard service is available for SME customers. 

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) starts where the negotiation-and-award process stops​. The challenge starts here to get most business value out of your organization’s contracts​. Mastering the full cycle from order request to renewals and pro-active reviews. Too many companies are missing the full benefit of end-to-end contract management​. Specific knowledge required for domains like “networking”​, fast evolving technologies like e.g. SD-WAN​ and topics like digital revolution require more agile and adaptive contract terms and adequate follow-up.



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