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Unified Communication and Collaboration, a term with as many solutions as meanings.

For Tam Tam Consulting UCC means:

“a solution to handle all your communication, via phone, PC (voice & chat), smartphone, making use of any available network (voice, data, wired, wireless)” combined with

“a solution to work in a team environment, exchanging documents, working on a document with a team, storing your project information…” combined with

“a platform, in the cloud, on-premise, hybrid, that handles the different communication streams internally and externally.”

Needless to mention that it is necessary for every company to have a clear view on the existing environment in order to setup a plan to cover your end users’ needs today and in the future.

Typical projects in this domain are:

  • Discovery sessions of end user needs
  • Strategy and roadmap building
  • Full sourcing track covering business requirements, technical requirements and future proof contracting
  • UCC and office environment: guidance to make the best choice for your company



Fixed voice and related infrastructure, mobile voice and mobile data; more and more companies do see both topics as commodity services.

However, reality is that many companies are still confronted with a large estate of “invisible” legacy infrastructure, different ways of handling voice, invoicing streams and no people and time available to manage operations, contracts and costs. Rethinking voice is for most companies a challenge (Fix-Mobile integration, Fix-WAN integration, fixed and mobile end points…)

Talking about mobile is talking about a multitude in offerings, cost models, confusing invoices and keeping your fleet under control. Assigning the correct bundle to the user’s “future” traffic pattern is a challenge where “out of bundle” traffic leads to higher costs. And when you combine this with the reality that you, as mobile manager, are responsible for the activation of the best suitable bundles, managing a migration towards BYOD or even worse, managing all devices from order to delivery yourself, you understand that voice is not really a commodity.

Tam Tam Consulting is helping companies with large, complex environments since 1999 with the optimization and day-to-day management of both fix and mobile environments. When you talk about one-time inventory and auditing, ongoing technology expense management, sourcing projects, rationalizations, mobile policy setup, guidance from current to full BYOD, … Tam Tam Consulting is your partner in realizing a controlled environment by implementing a solution fit for purpose.


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