Knowing your Technology Environment

Introduction to TRACE 4.0


Complex technology in most companies are a given. Complexity can have different reasons, wanted or not wanted.
In most cases the complexity arises from the existence of a multitude of

  • Services: Fixed voice, Mobile Voice, Datanetworks,..
  • Service providers, even within the same service (e.g. two mobile service providers)
  • Internal stakeholders (Facilities, IT, HR, Procurement,…)
  • Technologies & Solutions
    • Voice: UC&C, SIP, Analog lines,…
    • Datanetworks: Reporting, QoS, topologies,…

Complexity does not need to be a problem when having full visibility on your environment. Visibility leads to manageability. Manageability leads to risk and cost control.

Full visibility can be created by using tools which are able to consolidate information from various sources.
Our user-friendly and intuitive online portal TRACE 4.0 consolidates information about cost, usage and infrastructure from multiple providers in order to get a transparent dynamic dashboard.

Looking for a budget friendly Technology-Infrastructure insurance? Happy to setup a TEAMS call to guide you in 15’ through our use cases.



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