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We have a lot of customer cases. Discover a few examples below.

Who are our customers

Companies looking for unbiased advice within the area of technology infrastructure, believing in the power of knowledge, expertise and business ethical approach, are the typical Tam Tam Consulting customers. Companies who understand the value an external partner can bring.

We bring an important value to the table for each of our customers, when we are not convinced that we can make a difference for your project, we will simply not make an offer. That is in our opinion the golden rule of business ethics.

Who are our typical contact persons?

  • ICT people, going from CIO towards IT manager, operational managers, head of application department, …
  • Procurement people, looking for specific knowledge, assistance, market information, practical expertise in specific domains, …
  • Business people, looking for a translator “business into IT language”, business cases, improvement of ability to execute, expertise in different innovations, …

Customer cases

Global Healthcare company


  • Sourcing initiative to detect cost saving opportunities deploying a centralized model of SIP services across the EMEA region; the project was split in two separate tracks: inbound call traffic focusing on technical requirements and self-care portal capabilities and outbound call traffic allowing supplier consolidation, a redundant data center setup and a shift away from traditional legacy infrastructure
  • Pan-European mobile tender; from defining the right tactical approach until reaching out to global suppliers to explore the benefits of a framework agreement and harmonizing in-country mobile contracts
Medical Corporation operating in EMEA


  • Communication Platform; Guidance in tender process to build a managed UC&C solution based on Teams and centralized SIP trunking. Migration from legacy Skype for Business and existing legacy PBX solutions
  • SD-WAN; Guidance in sourcing process from A till Z from a hybrid network to fully managed SD-WAN
  • LAN; Negotiating a fully managed LAN contract (switches, WLAN access points, controllers and all related solutions to manage and monitor all these devices). Focus on clear R&R for multiparty structure (Customer, LAN management party, Security management party)
  • Procurement; Extensive procurement track for SDWAN-UCC resulting in a custom written MSA and corresponding schedules
  • Migration; Assistance in migration to the new SDWAN solution. Safe guarding business case and managed technical solution
Multinational active in spare parts logistics


  • ICT Monitoring Managed Services ; Guidance in sourcing process from A till Z. Covering both infrastructure services monitoring and application monitoring in a full agile DEVOPS environment. Scope all regional datacenters (EU&US) both on-premise as cloud (GCP) and remote sites infrastructure services (WAN,LAN, …)
Multinational active in logistics


  • Telecom Expense Management; Quarterly reporting & consultancy advice, Invoice checks, Optimisation detection, Contract benchmarks, Create cost awareness, Ad-hoc consultant support
  • Mobility; Mobile policy, Enforcement, Framework for eligibility & cost model, Support model, BYOD strategy
  • Mobile; Guidance in tender process, Requirement setting, Write RFP, Negotiations with suppliers, Business case, Contracting
  • Communication Platform; Guidance in tender process to build a global managed UC&C platform to replace end-of live in-house platform, Integration with existing collaboration environment (Skype for Business), Creating blueprints by site & user profiling, Technical workshops to optimise design and cost-effectiveness
  • WAN; Guidance in sourcing process from A till Z, Covering 85 sites worldwide, From self-service to fully managed WAN, Upgrade path towards SD-WAN in contract
  • Migration assistance: jumping in the implementation process after an initial difficult start of the migration project, Guarding over the agreed business case and contractual items, implement technical aspects as agreed and steer an improvement plan to bring back the project on the rails
Worldwide leading supplier of replacement parts, safety equipment, and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industry


  • Strategy; Extensive workshops to understand goals & challenges for coming years, assess current situation, Define business requirements, Map & gap current with desired situation
    Balance between wish list & budgetary feasible, Market discovery
  • Sourcing; Guidance in WAN sourcing from A-Z, from a hybrid network to full SD-WAN, Support for customer provided lines, Inter-site security to have maximum protection against threats, More for less
  • Contracting; Supporting procurement & legal to negotiate the best possible contract following a proven specific methodology, Contract review / screening, assure flexible contract containing all necessary clauses to guarantee flexibility, SLA’s, governance, services, benchmark clause, …, Validation implementation plan & exit plan
  • Implementation Management; Assist and validate if new solution implementation is in line with contract, monitor selected vendor implementation progress, adjust plans where necessary in collaboration with supplier & customer, No Project Management role, but an independent mediator, ensuring that the solution is correctly implemented
Internationally operating dairy cooperative


  • Telecom Expense Management; Quarterly review report & consultancy, Monthly e-mail awareness report for end-users and line managers, Monthly executive reporting, Build & maintain customer organisation overview, Access to on-line reporting tool, Ad-hoc support requests
  • Bring Your Own Device; Definition As-Is & To-Be, Define business drivers, Scenario building, Profiling, Setup procedures, Definition service requirements, Business case, Setup roll out plan
  • Global networking & communication to the next level; Hybrid WAN services (WAN, Internet, RAS) resulting in SD-WAN contract with 1 global supplier, LAN management and HW support; from inventory, reorganisation to optimised global solution, UC&C including telephony, conferencing & collaboration services – strategy & implementation path, Redesign network architecture including future needs & technology innovations, ASOC and security management embedded in different services

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