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UCB opts for agile, sustainable eConnectivity to ensure future growth

UCB chose Tam Tam Consulting as their preferred advisory partner. They have relied on our unique expertise as independent technology advisor to make their eConnectivity future-proof. Keeping UCB’s purpose of creating value for patients worldwide at the forefront, Tam Tam Consulting created a sustainable, agile eConnectivity to support the needs of their evolving business.

By Didier Generet (Head of global IT Infrastructure & Services at UCB)

Adecco Belgium: A clear & executable action plan to set up the right fundamentals

Adecco Belgium and Tam Tam Consulting have a long track record working together on a multitude of projects where the real value came from the alignment Tam Tam Consulting brought between IT, Procurement, HR and Business.

One example of such a project was the audit, optimization and the tendering of Adecco’s mobile fleet.

By Jeroen Van Ryckeghem (Manager Facilities & Procurement)

TVH: A successful WAN RFP project

TVH is a global supplier with customers in more than 170 countries and has been split up into 2 business units: TVH Parts Holding and Mateco. TVH Parts Holding offers parts and accessories for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment all over the world. Mateco carries out 4 activities: Sales, Rental, Service and Trade.

Tam Tam Consulting (TTC) had the pleasure of cooperating on/ undertaking a WAN RFP project for TVH Parts. After the project completion, an interview was conducted with Ronald Grunewald, Group IT Infrastructure Manager at TVH.

Perhaps the TVH-story can inspire you to start a WAN project for your company.

By Ronald Grunewald (Group IT Infrastructure Manager)

Katoen Natie: Continued growth stimulates further professionalization in ICT

The expansion of Katoen Natie, the well-known international logistics service provider currently operating in 28 countries, knows no boundaries. The company gets almost daily mentions in the media with stories about its expansion, acquisitions, as well its impressive art collection and cultural projects. This growth led to an ongoing professionalization of its telecom and IT environment. 

By Kurt Knops (CIO IT Katoen Natie) & Sophie Van Kerckhove (CEO IT Katoen Natie)

ING Belgium: TEM as part of cost containment program

Since 2012, as part of its cost containment program, ING Belgium launched a telecom expense management project for fixed voice, mobile voice and mobile data services.

The purpose of the project was to look for a partner with the required expertise and tooling to perform, in a recurrent way, the following services: detailed invoice checking and providing input for dispute handling, cost optimisation by optimal subscription selection, trend identification, identification of misuse & anomalies and benchmarking.

By Erik Hemeleers (Head of Service Management)

Jan De Nul Group:  Growing business, shrinking telecom costs

With its substantial national and international growth, dredging company Jan De Nul Group has been riding on the crest of a wave of success. But this doesn’t mean the Company is ignoring the fundamentals of financial sustainability: cost control remains a key priority. On the other hand, the Company’s growth has resulted in increased telecom consumption and complexity. Employees need to use a range of communication equipment in order to sustain the continued development. With a practical approach – and the right external support – Jan De Nul Group has been able to control and even reduce its telecom costs.

By Dirk De Nul (Manager Jan De Nul Group)

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