UCB is a global biopharmaceutical company, headquartered in Brussels. Founded in 1928, UCB focusses on developing solutions for the treatment of people living with severe diseases, mainly in the field of neurology and immunology. Since their existence, their business is constantly changing and adapting as the world’s population grows, new diseases arise, and patients’ needs become more diverse. To keep pace with the changing needs of their patients and to bring innovation, UCB invest in world class research, development, and production facilities. To best support the evolving business and the increase in digitalisation, the need arose to make the current eConnectivity more agile and sustainable.

UCB therefore turned to Tam Tam Consulting, an independent technology expert and advisor, to optimize their eConnectivity. UCB worked with Tam Tam Consulting in the past and opted for them for their good market reference and extensive knowledge and expertise in this domain. The objective was to bring the foundation of the IT services to the right level, within the timeframe of 6 months, to meet the growing demand of the business side.

The key to success: Contract Life Cycle Management as a Service (CLMaaS) Solution

To meet UCB’s objective, Tam Tam Consulting proposed a Contract Lifecycle Management as a Service (CLMaaS) Solution. This end-to-end contract management solution enables UCB to get the most business value out of their organisation’s contract.

“Tam Tam Consulting is a true partner. They did not only stick to advising us but also concretely implemented the proposed initiatives. A task which, seen the complexity of our business and organisation, was done meticulously and within the predetermined timeframe.”

Didier Generet
Head of global IT Infrastructure & Services at UCB

Tam Tam Consulting started with setting the strategy, inventorying the current infrastructure, and defining the project scope. The next step was an in-depth audit on contract, operations, finance, and processes. Following this audit, recommendations and improvements on both operational and service level were made. As the project evolves, further improvements will be safeguarded by the CLMaaS solution.

Benefits and results

Tam Tam Consulting CLMaaS solution delivered immediate results within the given timeframe and offered UCB multiple benefits:

  • UCB’s current contract was analysed, amended, and made future-proof. As a result, a bi-annual contract check-up covering both performance and financials has been contractually agreed upon.
  • An IT Governance Framework was defined.
  • Tactical initiatives for improvements in operations and service level were setup.
  • Many savings have been generated by contract adjustments, credit claims and other optimisations.
  • Continuous guidance, monitoring and support were guaranteed.

The CLMaaS solution not only ensured UCB’s IT services became more agile and sustainable, it also gave them peace of mind. Having a monitored, future-proof, dynamic infrastructure will support the long-term business objectives and UCB’s main purpose of creating value for patients now and into the future.

“Working with Tam Tam Consulting was ultra-convenient. Their added values lie in their specific niche experience, their independent advice, and the professional way they handle things. Their clear analysis, advice and proposed solution definitely met our objective. Not only did they ensure our IT services were fast, qualitative, agile, and up to speed with the latest technology, but they have also provided us with the necessary tools and guidance regarding future implementations. Having a sustainable eConnectivity is crucial for UCB so we can continue to focus on our core purpose: helping patients all over the world.”

Didier Generet
Head of global IT Infrastructure & Services at UCB

UCB and Tam Tam Consulting: an efficient partnership
Tam Tam Consulting is UCB’s preferred advisory partner in the connectivity domain. In the CLMaaS solution it is provided that Tam Tam Consulting will continue to guide and assist UCB in future.

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