ING BELGIUM: TEM as part of cost containment program

Written by Erik Hemeleers, Head of Service Management

Since 2012, as part of its cost containment program, ING Belgium launched a telecom expense management project for fixed voice, mobile voice and mobile data services.
The purpose of the project was to look for a partner with the required expertise and tooling to perform, in a recurrent way, the following services: detailed invoice checking and providing input for dispute handling, cost optimisation by optimal subscription selection, trend identification, identification of misuse & anomalies and benchmarking.

Why Tam Tam?

In order to build a business case for a recurring TEM service, ING focused in a first step on a one time audit of the in scope telecom expenses. The final report confirmed the business case and resulted in the procurement of a recurring TEM service.

The criteria on which ING finally decided to select Tam Tam Consulting for this partnership were the following:

  • no nonsense approach;
  • no nonsense approach;
  • common wish to establish clear agreements & expectations upfront in a true partnership approach;
  • strong commitment to planning, budget and quality;
  • expert knowledge of the local telecom market & regulations;
  • agile & flexible approach in the contracting phase;
  • easy to work with;
  • high performance online tooling & reporting;
  • good references in corporates with similar size and scope of services.


  • Positive cooperation between ING Belgium and Tam Tam Consulting
  • Positive cooperation between ING Belgium and Tam Tam Consulting
  • Quick turnaround time – from start to delivery in less than 2 months
  • Fixed voice & wireless environment well managed by ING Belgium
  • Identification of additional savings as a result of in-depth provider, technology & market expertise, detailed spend analysis and Tam Tam Consulting tooling
  • Projected savings are quick wins and relatively easy to implement

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