Mobile policy & mobile managed services – should you bother?

Mobile devices can pose a threat

Most users will not recognise that their mobile devices can pose a threat to their company’s IT and data security. It’s this ignorance that can result in them not applying the same security procedures to their mobile devices as they would do with more traditional devices such as a desktop computer.

  • Are your employees aware of the value of business data stored on their devices?
  • Should your employees be held to any consequences if their device used for work is lost or stolen?
  • Do your internal work flows clearly identify the roles and responsibilities related to mobile devices and subscriptions between the various stakeholders (IT, Procurement, HR, Employee)?

Yes, you should bother.

A first item to consider is which devices get access to work-related applications like e-mail, SharePoint, UC, …Will it be only company owned devices or also personally owned devices? Which model should you choose: BYOD, CYOD or a hybrid model?

The appropriate model for your organisation depends on numerous items which need to be well-considered prior to deciding the way to go. In the end, after implementation these rules and guidelines need to be enforced by means of a clear and descriptive mobile policy. Some of the topics which need to be reflected on:

  • on mobile devices
    • Which devices are in scope? (Smartphones, GSM’s, ruggedized, tablets, laptops,…?)
    • What type of operating systems are supported? Are there technical prerequisites?
    • Who is entitled for a corporate device?
    • Is an MDM platform being rolled out? Separating private and business-related data?
    • Introducing enforceable rules? (obligation to set password on device, backup data, synchronization, installation of applications, …)
  • on mobile subscriptions
    • Who is entitled to a subscription?
    • On which basis granting a subscription/add on?
    • Impose restrictions?
    • Ownership of the mobile number?

Tam Tam Consulting can assist you throughout the entire process by using their proven methodology for these types of projects. Starting with a workshop to understand your vision and strategy, identify the stakeholders & KPI’s, … Next, we will bring full transparency on your costs & support models, contracts, HR policies and applicable legislation. With all this information and your input, a mobile policy, enforcement and roadmap towards a controlled environment will be created.

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