Our methodology

In our services portfolio, we focus on the logical steps of this lifecycle, meaning 
Think – Build – Run phases.

“Think before you act” is a well-known expression. But, as always in a fast moving world, often strategy definition is not top priority as setting a well-founded plan is seen as a long, expensive and time consuming track.

At Tam Tam Consulting, we use a proven methodology to deliver a clear strategy within a very short timeframe and a minimal effort from the customer.

Clear focus on AS IS inventory, TO BE discussions and interactions based on business needs and technological reality, flavoured by our extensive market knowledge are all ingredients to build a solid and ready to execute Strategy.

As part of the Think process, a detailed short term and less detailed long term roadmap with the necessary business cases are your last ingredients to start the engines for a planned, controlled and upfront clear budgeted Build phase.

As part of the Build phase you did the right sourcing, clear and future proof flexible contract are in place and you can focus on other projects.
But, please keep in mind that the most important activities happen in this phase of the Lifecycle: contract and vendor management & managing the lifecycle of your Strategy.
Independent studies show that not managing the contracts of your key suppliers will cost you between 10-15% of top of your suppliers costs.

Many companies are facing difficulties to organise contract and vendor management due to different reasons. Let’s talk and see how Tam Tam Consulting can help you to have control, convenience and compliance.

Questions on how our expertise can assist your company?

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