Our methodology

In our services portfolio, we focus on the logical steps of this lifecycle, meaning 
Think – Build – Run phases.


Every good realization starts with a think phase to create an excellent plan focusing on Strategy and Roadmap building.

For Strategy, it is key to have a good understanding of the current situation, the input of all (business) stakeholders and the future plans of the company. Depending on the scope of the exercise, we do work with interviews, workshops and educational sessions upfront, always following our proven methodology.

As result, you and your business stakeholders will have a clear plan, within the boundaries of the scope, on the why, what and how for your company’s future infrastructure technology.

When you have a concrete understanding and buy in of your management for the defined strategy, it’s time to set a plan, containing short- and long-term projects, business cases, a view on the required resources, impact and risks. That’s what we cover in a realistic, down to earth Implementation Roadmap. Mostly this kind of roadmap focuses on a detailed 18 months plan and milestones for the coming 3 to 5 years. 


On your Roadmap, probably sourcing projects are popping up, that’s where our Build offering starts. Tam Tam Consulting’s methodology of running sourcing projects from A to Z is based on our long and successful track record of many RFI, RFP and benchmark exercises. Both in public as private sector.

Many of our customers value the combination of technical experts, sourcing experts and guidance of your in house/external legal team. We tailor our solution for you in line with your in-house knowledge, available resources and timelines. One of our strongest values is our ability to make your team successful.

As “cherry on the cake” we guide you and your selected supplier(s) towards a future proof contract by using our “Agile contracting” methodology. Flexibility, making innovation possible, keeping your conditions sharp, clear governance and many more items will be covered in a contract that allows change, management and control. Not by a lengthy process, but by offering you our expertise and guiding all stakeholders through a swift and clear process.


Now your contract is there, the Run phase will take place.

It probably sounds familiar that this is the phase where often business cases explode and the fragile relationship with your new vendor crashes.

That’s why we created our successful service “Independent Guidance”; our experts are not taking the role of a project manager but guide all parties through the entire process from contract signature towards smooth running solution. Your business case, timelines, mutual promises, issue list, risks, adjustments, … will be followed and steered in a professional manner. The Independent Guidance services = your guarantee on control from A to Z.

And if you have the idea that by implementing your roadmap and thereto related contracts you reached the “end state”, we have bad news for you. In this ever-changing world, you need to manage your contracts, suppliers and services.  Tam Tam Consulting is your experienced partner in Technology, Expense and Contract management since many years. Make sure you ask our experts about their vision on managing and controlling your environment in a clear and effective way.

Questions on how our expertise can assist your company?

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