Adecco Belgium: A clear & executable action plan to set up the right fundamentals

Written by Jeroen Van Ryckeghem, Manager Facilities & Procurement

In the world of work, The Adecco Group is the world’s leading provider of temporary staffing, permanent placement, career transition and talent development,… Adecco Group Belgium was voted 2nd place “Best Workplaces Europe 2019” where the Adecco Group has been elected the “7th most attractive company in the world to work for”. This is a remarkable achievement since the Adecco Group operates in one of the most competitive work force environments. This achievement is the result of the translation of the corporate vision into a clear and executable action plan. An action plan that ensures that people across the globe are inspired, motivated, trained and developed to embrace the future. People have to be in environments where they are empowered to thrive, stimulated to succeed and have every opportunity to make their individual futures better and brighter than ever.

For the translation of the corporate vision The Adecco Group strongly relies on strategic partnerships with companies helping them to set up the right fundaments in support of its business.

Adecco Belgium and Tam Tam Consulting have a long track record working together on a multitude of projects where the real value came from the alignment Tam Tam Consulting brought between IT, Procurement, HR and Business.

One example of such a project was the audit, optimization and the tendering of Adecco’s mobile fleet.

“For many years Tam Tam Consulting has assisted Adecco with the benchmarking and auditing of its mobile contract. Because the mobile market landscape is constantly evolving, we thought it was logical to explore the market and launch an official RFP. Tam Tam Consulting assisted Adecco in the entire process, from identification of the IT, HR and procurement requirements towards the preparation of the RFP document, negotiations and screening of the final contract. With this, Adecco realized a saving of 50% on its mobile contract, while the available mobile data for the employees was increased from 2GB to 5GB and high service levels were maintained.”

(Jeroen Van Ryckeghem, Manager Facilities & Procurement) 

Of course, a mobile fleet is in continuous evolution and needs frequent monitoring. The services of Tam Tam Consulting on reporting, optimization audits and invoice checks provide detailed insights and are a great help to keep costs and services under control.

In conclusion, with proper guidance and support from its external advisors, Adecco can continue to grow and maintain its status of World’s Best Workplaces. We will probably hear another of their initiatives and achievements in the near future.

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